The Lotus Pond Villa, Cambodia

About the Lotus Pond Villa 
In 2017, Kampot Arts & Music Association (KAMA) leased the Villa as a new festival hub and office for the team of KRWF staff and volunteers with a view to develop a year-round schedule of workshops and writers retreats and to use the large garden space for KRWF’s main stage events. The Villa itself was once the residence of the provincial police chief and is colloquially known as ‘the Commandant’s House’. The Villa is located in the heart of Kampot and is situated next to the town’s beautiful lili pond just behind Government House and Kampot’s historic Museum. The Villa’s mission is to create a tranquil and peaceful retreat for writers & artists to write, rest and enjoy time dedicated to personal projects. The residency is also suitable for small groups to stay and work together as creative teams or for workshop specific events. In addition our residency guests can enjoy being based in quietest central location in Kampot town, enjoy some of the best local cuisine and culture provided and catered by our Kek Soon – who also runs Kek Soon’s Kampot Cuisine & Heritage Tours and will be happy to accommodate all your plans and needs.
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Staying at The Lotus Pond Villa: What to expect during your visit

The Lotus Pond Villa is an environment dedicated to creative development and offers writers & artists ideal conditions in which to concentrate on their work. The success of The Lotus Pond Villa arts residency depends on writers & artists respecting the needs of their fellow guests. The house accommodates five in large self-contained rooms with ensuite bathrooms and shared communal spaces. The house is cleaned daily by our fulltime staff who will clean and make up guests bedrooms if requested as well as keep our kitchen, dining and communal spaces clean for all guests.

Arrival & Departure Times
Guests generally arrive and depart on Mondays to stay a minimum of one week. Rooms are available from 10:00 am on Monday morning, and on the Monday of your departure, we welcome you to leave The Lotus Pond Villa at your convenience but to vacate the room by 9:30 am in order for us to prepare it for the next guest.

A short tour of the house – covering essential need-to-know practical details – is conducted on arrival.

The Lotus Pond Villa is managed by the staff of KAMA (Kampot Arts & Music Association). The domestic arrangements have deliberately been kept as straightforward as possible. Breakfast and lunch are simple meals that residents serve themselves, helping themselves from the ample supplies in the kitchen – continental breakfast, noodles, juice, fruit, coffee (espresso, decaf, instant), teas, etc. Residents are at liberty to order an especially prepared breakfast and meals from our café KAMA, these can be prepared and delivered upon order.

Dinner provides an occasion for people to meet and is the central social event in the house. All residents share a delicious meal, around our shared dining table. Dining is a highlight of our residency with meals prepared by local chef Kek Soon who is renown for her delicious Sino-Khmer fusion foods and Kampot Cuisine and Culture tours. Please visit Soon’s website here:

Our delicious Kampot  Evening Meal at The Lotus Pond Villa caters for people with no dietary restrictions, while the semi-vegetarian option can include seafood and/or white meat and there is also a 100% vegetarian option.

For the evening meal, Soon can also cater for residents who are: Gluten-intolerant, Dairy-intolerant and/or Vegan – you need to let us know in advance. If your requirements for breakfast and lunch are outside the scope of The Lotus Pond Villa’s general provisions, you will need to bring (or purchase locally) your own supplies for breakfast and lunch – please contact Julien and/or Soon – – to discuss.Please let our caterer know at least 24 hours in advance if you are not going to be in for an evening meal.

To bring
Laptop computer, USB if you need to print, mobile device if your work requires heavy use of the internet, your own toiletries.

Taking care of yourself and others
The Lotus Pond Villa is a residential retreat with staff in attendance during office hours on weekdays. There is however, no on-site manager outside of these times. The Lotus Pond Villa makes every effort to provide a safe environment for residents. If however, you notice anything that may be a risk to yourself or others you should let the The Lotus Pond Villa management know as soon as possible. We issue you a set of keys for your stay and request you take care of security and lock our outside gates at nighttime.

Please keep shared areas pleasantly tidy. The Lotus Pond Villa’s housekeeper comes daily to maintain the cleanliness of the house, but you will need to take care of general cleanliness of shared areas during your stay.

You also need to be mindful that you are responsible for loss or damage to The Lotus Pond Villa items and the safety of your own possessions during your stay. All bedrooms and workrooms have locks and we ask that all windows and doors are locked before leaving the premises.
– Please let a staff member know if you plan to be away overnight.

When using the grounds around The Lotus Pond Villa, you should be aware that the garden is a natural environment, with informal pathways that may be inhabited by creatures such as snakes, geckos and insects. Guests are also asked to respect that smoking is not permitted in the The Lotus Pond Villa house.

On the back of your bedroom door you will find a list of matters you should be aware of during your stay, including local police contact and managers information. Please be conscious of these things when enjoying your residency at The Lotus Pond Villa.

KAMA Kampot Arts & Music Association reserves the right to terminate a residency at The Lotus Pond Villa at any time, entirely at the Management’s discretion.

Telephones & Quiet Working
Most guests bring mobile phones, but we ask them to keep phones off or on silent during the day, as even a murmur of conversation from a nearby room can be very distracting. Feel free to make mobile calls in the garden well away from the house during the day, or around the house after 6pm.

As The Lotus Pond Villa there is no house phone to receive incoming calls. As is usual for any retreat space, our guests should remain undisturbed in their work rooms during the day, between 9am and 6pm. Unless you have previously arranged to meet or speak with another writer, please don’t disturb them during these hours.

Visitors not permitted at the house
For the same reasons, writers & artists cannot invite guests or visitors to the house, and there is no television at The Lotus Pond Villa. Guests can of course listen to their own music/media systems with earphones. Downtown Kampot is a vibrant township of cafes, restuarants and bars and just minutes walk or tuk tuk from LPV should you wish to enjoy the townships social life day or night. The riverside and lotus pond is a short stroll from the house and offers pleasant morning or evening walking.

The Lotus Pond Villa Library Collection
The Lotus Pond Villa Library is a work in progress, we plan to create a public library but first a collection of books and reading material for our residents and co-workers and encourage visitors to donate a book or few to grow this initiative.

Computers, Printer & Internet access
While writers & artists must bring their own computers to work on, The Lotus Pond Villa has a single desktop computer for the house, that enables printing and internet access. Printing is available via this computer, with paper supplied by The Lotus Pond Villa, at a cost of 200riel per page. Writers & artists need to bring their own USB device.

The Lotus Pond Villa has Wifi internet access available in the house, extending to all work spaces.

If you require constant use of internet for your writing, we encourage writers & artists to bring their own mobile wireless broadband device. 

Traveling to Kampot by car, bus or train
We can assist in booking taxis or buses and train tickets (currently only running on weekends) are available from local travel agents in Phnom Penh. Kampot is approximately 3 hours from Phnom Penh.

Acknowledging The Lotus Pond Villa
Writers & artists are asked to acknowledge any The Lotus Pond Villa support they receive, in any subsequently published or produced works. This is helpful for the expansion of awareness of The Lotus Pond Villa’s contribution to local and international writing. We (of course) invite all of our residents to speak to us about presenting and contributing to our annual festival events:

The Kampot Readers & Writers Festival – usually late October into early November
Folk Arts & Blues Fest – held last week in Jan

The Lotus Pond Villa alumni and other writers & artists involved with The Lotus Pond Villa are free to choose the extent of acknowledging how The Lotus Pond Villa’s role has helped them with their writing project. It is always pleasing when writers & artists formally acknowledge the assistance they have enjoyed through The Lotus Pond Villa experience. We hope to build The Lotus Pond Villa library, with many books containing authors’ acknowledgements and inscriptions, to show the residency’s valued role in supporting writers.

Acknowledgements may identify and celebrate different aspects of this experience. Examples:

  • The Lotus Pond Villa the Kampot Writers & Artists House: Some writers & artists simply acknowledge The Lotus Pond Villa the Kampot Writers House. Others include specifics, such as uninterrupted writing time, meeting and sharing ideas with other writers, or gaining inspiration or focus.
  • The Lotus Pond Villa individuals: Writers & artists sometimes highlight the helpfulness of a particular person associated with The Lotus Pond Villa.

Accommodation rates:
$19pp excludes breakfast and dinner

$30pp includes breakfast and dinner

$390month excludes breakfast and dinner

$690pp month includes breakfast and dinner

•Sponsorship and financial support may be offered to arts volunteers and financial disadvantaged writers & artists on an application basis.


Telephone: +855 (0) 96 255 4393